07/28/2012 10:24 am ET

Josh Elliott Round-The-Clock Hosting Day At ABC

Josh Elliott had a busier week than usual.

In addition to greeting viewers on "Good Morning America" and the network's newly launched daytime program, "Good Afternoon America," Elliott filled in for Diane Sawyer to deliver the evening news. Viewers who watched ABC on Thursday actually saw Elliott deliver the news morning, noon and night.

Signing off from "World News" on Thursday evening, Elliott thanked viewers for watching. "We’re always on here at Nightline is later. And for Diane and all of us here at ABC news, have a Good Evening America. And I’ll see you tomorrow on -- Good Morning America.”

Elliott's hectic schedule brings to mind "Today" co-host's Matt Lauer filling in for NBC's nightly news host Brian Williams earlier this year. Lauer, though, couldn't seem to shake the fact that he was not on the "Today" show, and closed the broadcast by telling viewers that he'd see them "tomorrow morning on 'Tonight.'"


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