Police sources say they have found the bodies of two suburban Detroit teenage boys who were reported missing by their families earlier this week.

The bodies were found in a field near Lyford Avenue and Gilbo Street on Detroit's east side, which is close to Detroit's City Airport. Both had been shot in the head and were positioned face-down on the ground.

Jourdan Bobbish, 17, and Jacob Kudla, 18, both of Westland, Mich., disappeared on Sunday night after leaving the home of Kudla's uncle on the east side of Detroit. His home is about five miles from the field where the bodies were found Friday morning.

While the Detroit Police Department hasn't officially identified the victims, WXYZ says members of the two boys' families have joined investigators in the empty field where the bodies were discovered.

The two boys were last seen driving in a white 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier. Kudla's mother told reporters that she believes the two boys were carjacked Sunday night after having picked up marijuana from a relative.

The next day, police discovered two men stripping the same Chevrolet Cavalier outside an apartment building on the city's west side. A Crime Stoppers news release says the men were caught with the radio, speakers and bass from the Cavalier. They arrested the men, who have been called "persons of interest" in the investigation, but did not find Bobbish and Kudla. Near the car, however, lay a cane that Kudla, who had a prior injury, often used. Police say the two men arrested with the vehicle are cooperating with the investigation. A $25,000 reward was being offered.

On Tuesday, the boys' families canvassed the Detroit neighborhood where the car was discovered, knocking on doors and combing abandoned buildings. WXYZ says residents of the neighborhood near Beechwood and Lisdale helped in the search and hugged the families.

Thursday, about 200 people attended a candlelight vigil for the two missing Westland teens at Churchill High School.

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