The Best Shopping Is Done On Vacation... So Here Are Our Favorite Finds We've Brought Back From Traveling (PHOTOS)

07/27/2012 08:25 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Earlier this week, StyleLikeU interviewed jet-setters like jewelry-designing sisters Phoebe and Annette Stephens of Anndra Neen about their favorite purchases from abroad, and it got us thinking about all of our amazing shopping trips while on vacation.

Looking down at my own feet, I realized that my sandals were purchased in London, England, my wallet was a find at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, California and red bicycle-shaped keychain was from a weekend trip to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Take a peek in the gallery below to see Huffington Post Style intern Erica Cheung's treasured tote, Stylelist fashion assistant Michelle Persad's awesome ring and more of our awesome purchases. Let us know what stylish souvenirs you have brought home by uploading your own.

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Our Favorite Travel Purchases
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