Faking it has been a topic for public discussion at least since Meg Ryan performed an orgasm at Katz's Deli in Nora Ephron's "When Harry Met Sally," and probably long before. But men pretending to climax? According to a recent survey, that's happening too, far more often than you might think.

The 2012 AskMen and AskWomen surveys, conducted by the men's lifestyle website AskMen.com and women's lifestyle site TresSugar respectively, revealed how many men are pretending to climax. In the survey, which polled 49,000 men and 1,000 women, according to a rep for AskMen.com, 54 percent of female respondents reported faking an orgasm, and 26 percent said they fake it every time they have sex.

But they weren't alone: Thirty-four percent of men said they'd faked it at least once.

The results seem to confirm the findings of a 2010 Men's Health survey of 2,000 men and women, in which 17 percent of male respondents admitted to faking it.

Why would a man pretend to orgasm? Although men have a reputation for being able to climax easily, some suffer from a condition known as delayed ejaculation. It's relatively rare, according to the Boston University School of Medicine, but CNN's sex expert Ian Kerner has argued that the incidence is increasing. When a man realizes he isn't going to orgasm, faking it may seem like a good option. In a 2010 University of Kansas study of male and female college students, 10 percent of the men confessed to feigning climax, and half of those guys said they did it because they didn't want to hurt their partner's feelings.

Other questions the AskWomen survey put to female participants ran the gamut from whether they expect to see a female president in their lifetimes to whether they would sign a prenuptial agreement before marrying a significant other. Since this is HuffPost Women, we've rounded up some of the most interesting findings about women below. Visit the 2012 AskWomen survey for the full results, and the corresponding annual AskMen survey for insights into what almost 50,000 men are doing and thinking in 2012.

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  • Do Fake Orgasms -- But So Do Men

    <a href="http://www.askmen.com/specials/great_female_survey/#question_407" target="_hplink">Sixty-three percent of female respondents reported faking</a> an orgasm at some point. Perhaps more surprising, <a href="http://ca.askmen.com/specials/great_male_survey/dating.html#question_254" target="_hplink">34 percent of men said <em>they'd</em> faked it</a> at least once.

  • Fake It Every Time, In Some Cases

    While 33 percent of women surveyed said they never fake it and 26 percent said they fake it "very rarely," another 26 percent said they fake it every time. Every single time.

  • Aren't Thrilled With Their Sex Lives

    Fifty-two percent of women surveyed said they had no sex life or were "<a href="http://www.askmen.com/specials/great_female_survey/#question_390" target="_hplink">not at all satisfied</a>" with the one they had "because of the quality of sex."

  • Don't Photo Sext

    Forty-seven percent of women surveyed said they would never <a href="http://www.askmen.com/specials/great_female_survey/#question_386" target="_hplink">send racy pictures to a partner</a>, and 69 percent said that if they received those pictures, they would never <a href="http://www.askmen.com/specials/great_female_survey/#question_387" target="_hplink">forward them</a> to a friend.

  • Snoop

    The survey put the following questions to participants about honoring a partner's online privacy: "<a href="http://www.askmen.com/specials/great_female_survey/#question_382" target="_hplink">Have you ever read your partner's Facebook messages, email, or other electronic correspondence?</a>" The most respondents (34 percent) answered, "Yes, I broke into his email or messaging account." Yet in response to the question, "<a href="http://www.askmen.com/specials/great_female_survey/#question_383" target="_hplink">Do you monitor your partner's online activities?</a>" 43 percent said they don't. So they snoop only occasionally, not consistently? Additionally, participants were divided on how comfortable they were with their partners <a href="http://www.askmen.com/specials/great_female_survey/#question_384" target="_hplink">friending exes on Facebook</a>. Forty-one percent were okay with it, but 40 percent were not.

  • Aren't Into Porn

    Thirty-six percent said they don't watch it; 28 percent said they <a href="http://www.askmen.com/specials/great_female_survey/#question_394" target="_hplink">watch and laugh</a>.

  • Don't Dress For Men

    ... as much as they dress for other women. Thirty-five percent said they dress for other women "to impress them," and 31 percent said they dressed to impress men. Here's the stat we'd never read before: Thirty-four percent of women surveyed said <a href="http://www.askmen.com/specials/great_female_survey/#question_361" target="_hplink"><strong>they dress for "people I'm friends with on social media."</strong></a>

  • Associate Physical Attractiveness With Success

    When asked "<a href="http://www.askmen.com/specials/great_female_survey/#question_353" target="_hplink">Which of the following characteristics best defines a 'real woman' in 2012?</a>" (as opposed to a fake woman? a half-woman?), 24 percent answered "being financially independent," but 25 percent said "being attractive and a great lover." The importance of appearance surfaced elsewhere in the survey. Thirty-eight percent of women surveyed said business success "<a href="http://www.askmen.com/specials/great_female_survey/#question_350" target="_hplink">merits popular recognition/celebrity</a>," but 32 percent said "good looks" do.

  • Have An Obama Crush

    Amid seemingly constant discussion of the <a href="http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2012/07/12/are-modern-men-manly-enough/men-need-to-rediscover-the-don-draper-within" target="_hplink">state of masculinity</a>, the survey asked women <a href="http://www.askmen.com/specials/great_female_survey/#question_341" target="_hplink">which of the following men is the "manliest"</a>: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. Obama came in first at 58 percent. Incumbent advantage?

  • Expect To Elect A Female President

    Sixty-two percent of women surveyed said they thought they would see a female president in their lifetimes. Thirty-eight percent didn't think they would.

  • Don't Look For Husband Material When They Date

    When asked, "Is it important for a boyfriend to have 'husband potential'?" 46 percent said, "No, not at all. I don't look that far ahead in my relationships."

  • Believe In Marriage

    Forty-four percent of female survey participants said they believe <a href="http://www.askmen.com/specials/great_female_survey/#question_375" target="_hplink">marriage "is a necessary institution</a> and one in which I will participate to help preserve."

  • Would Sign A Prenup -- Even Require It

    Forty-two percent of women polled said they would sign a prenup "if it was important to my fiancé." Forty-one percent said they'd insist on it.