07/29/2012 04:06 pm ET

'Dear Future Husband...'

This is a regular column featuring original poetry and fiction by and for teens, provided by Figment.com, an online community writing site for young people.

By Esther W

Dear Future Husband,

Even though it could be years before we meet, I wanted to tell you a few things. I do not doubt that I will love you beyond reason, beyond imagination and beyond the expectations of everybody around us. I don’t need you to be ridiculously good looking; in fact I would quite like you to be cute and nerdy rather than a macho man. I’ll think you look absolutely beautiful in everything you wear, and I will constantly hide your shirts so that you can walk around topless all the time, it might start to annoy you after while so I will apologize in advance, but I really can’t promise I will ever stop – I feel the habit coming on already.

You don’t have to buy me flowers to show your spontaneous streak, instead, write me a thrilling love letter full to the brim with beautiful, intricately crafted words that I will be completely and utterly in awe of. I promise that I will love you all day, every day and I will never think of another man because you will be everything I have wanted and more. In fact, I think you will be so much more than that, you will be the things I never even knew I wanted.

Some days I will feel down about myself, I hope you understand. It’s not because I’m hoping I will receive compliments, it’s because I genuinely don’t like the way I look most of the time. But I know that you’ll just kiss me and every single insecurity I have ever had will drift away, leaving me with only complete love for you. I cannot promise that you will be my ‘first’ but I can promise that you will be the only one who will ever matter and you should know that I love you just simply because of the fact that I am so comfortable around you that I can show you all of me, without so much as a blush - you will make me feel beautiful and for that, I am eternally grateful. I could never feel beautiful without you.

We will have so many fun times, intimate times, worried times, scary times, exciting times and happy times but no matter how much I feel like I hate you when you piss me off, I will still love you endlessly. When we’re ready for children I promise that every name we chose will be something we both love. And when the day is rough I know I’ll smile, just thinking about coming home to your arms, because they have been my home all along, haven’t they?

Then, when we’re on the brink of a breakdown and we feel as though we can never sort it out, I swear I will think of how lucky I am to have you and without a doubt I will try my very best to fix it. Every day after work I will kiss you, not out of habit, but because I really just want to. You’ll still give me butterflies after fifty years of being married, I just know it and hopefully we will still be as in love as day one.

If we’re ever poor I will stand by you and if we are ever hungry I promise to offer you all the food I have in the world before I let a single piece pass my lips. I will always support you and even if you say you want to do something completely stupid I will give you my consent as long as you’re not away for too long and there’s no chance of you getting hurt. On nights when you’re away I’ll stay awake half the night, hugging a pillow, wishing to feel your warmth next to me. I’ll respect your space and I’ll try not to impose on you, although you would tell me that that would never be possible. We’ll sing with no particular song in mind, dance with no music and kiss in the pouring rain (although we’ll complain about the cold we get the day after, we’ll still have fun though having the day off of work to take care of each other.)

When we’re old we’ll go on walks in the park, rides on the bus, picnics on the beach and visits to see our grandchildren. That, to me, will be the greatest achievement of all, just being so in love with you after all of that time. One day we will sit on our rocking chairs in a bungalow beside the beach, just watching the sunset on the horizon of the waves, content, no regrets. You’ll tell me that you love me and my heart will leap as I tell you that I love you in return.

Then, if you die before me, I can’t promise that I won’t go insane but I can promise that I will love you until my final day, my final minute, my final second. My last thought I ever think will be of you, of how we raised our children, of how we fell in love, of how we stayed by each other’s side all of this time. How we prevailed through the damn hard times, laughed through the good ones and cried through the sad ones. Things probably won’t turn out the way we planned but that will have suited us fine because we had each other. And I will know that I would never have exchanged anything in the world for the life I lived next to you.

Love always,

Your future wife.