07/30/2012 11:31 am ET | Updated Jul 30, 2012

Mike Tyson On Broadway: Watch Spike Lee Direct Tyson In 'Undisputed Truth,' The Boxer's One-Man Debut (VIDEO)

In undisputedly true news, "Undisputed Truth," Mike Tyson's one-man Broadway show whose existence is both surprising and not a surprise at all, starts its limited 6-day run tomorrow at New York's Longacre Theatre.

The "personal look inside the life and mind" of Tyson marks his and longtime Tyson friend, director Spike Lee's, Broadway debuts ("Bamboozled: The Musical" next, please!). Lee is preempting the criticism the show is bound to bring out (in line with other autobiographical shows starring men with infamous tempers) by going all out in praising his star, telling reporters that Tyson is nothing short of Mark Twain's equal as a storyteller. Tyson didn't write the script, which was developed by his wife Kiki and playwright Randy Johnson.

If it all sounds like a dream you're not sure why you're having because you never really think of Mike Tyson when you're awake, take a look at the video below for confirmation, via Playbill. The behind-the-scenes footage shows Lee expertly working Tyson through a scene about his attitude toward punching white men in the ring in the eighties. We're not seeing full-on Twain just yet, but Tyson's endearing slash menacing quality does make for unexpected lines. "This isn't my first time here on Broadway. Actually I got arrested on this very same block many years ago." We're with Lee here: how many Broadway shows have you been to where the main actor can say that?


[via Playbill]