Somehow, even when Chris Martin messes up, it only makes him more charming. During a Sunday night show in Boston, the Coldplay frontman got a little too distracted -- thinking about the Olympics, no less -- during a performance of "Warning Sign."

Martin confessed that he was preoccupied with the 2012 London Olympics. "I'm going to stop thinking about the pole vault and stuff like that, and I'm going to get back into it," Martin told the crowd. "It's a big deal. You can't blame a guy for thinking about it every once in a while. ... But what's my thought is the best concert in the world is happening right here, right now."

But Martin wasn't done digging yet. "F--k the Olympics," he said. "Let's have a f--king great time in Boston." Of course, after giving it a bit more thought, the Coldplay frontman (sort of) retracted his statement. "Please don't tweet that I said, 'F--k' the Olympics ... I'll never hear the end of it."

That's right, Chris. You wouldn't want to end up like Guy Adams, who had his Twitter account suspended after criticizing NBC and tweeting the email address of the president of NBC's Olympics coverage.

Watch Martin flub the words to "Warning Sign" -- and his stealthy cover -- above.

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CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the Boston concert was on Monday night. It was a Sunday night show.

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