07/31/2012 04:42 pm ET

Comedy Club Etiquette Explains When You Can Throw A Drink: Spoiler, It's Never (VIDEO)

The first thing everyone wants to know when visiting a comedy club is the etiquette when it comes to throwing a drink at the performer. Do you do it after you hear one joke you don't like, or do you wait for several to really get your dander up and throwing arm primed?

Shockingly, it's actually NEVER ok to throw your drink. At least, that's what this video claims. Written by comedian Adam Ray and animated by Colin McCall, "Comedy Club Etiquette" takes us through the basics: what jokes are, what that sound coming out of your mouth is, how racism works, etc.

So if you are planning to attend a comedy show, take a look at this first to get yourself ready. And then, please, turn off your damn phone.

Via LaughSpin


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