07/31/2012 06:45 pm ET | Updated Aug 07, 2012

HuffPost Live: Do Gun Control Laws Infringe Upon The Rights Of African Americans?

In the wake of the massacre in Aurora, Col. on July 20, the debate over gun rights has heated up.

But would new gun restrictions disproportionately impact the rights of black people? That's the position of Marc Lamont Hill, the Columbia University professor and HuffPost Live host/producer.

"I have no problems with laws that make sense," he said. "But I also think that we cannot endorse blanket statements about taking guns out of the hands of the undeserving. You know why? Because somehow whenever we say 'undeserving,' that ends up meaning black people, and poor people, and poor black people."

Hill is joined by Trymaine Lee, a Huffington Post senior reporter, Niger Innis, who heads up the Congress of Racial Equality, Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and the conservative radio host Steve Malzburg.

"The fact is that Pew did a poll immediately after Aurora they asked African Americans what are you more interested in doing: controlling gun ownerships or protecting gun rights?" Everitt said. "Seventy-three percent of African Americans said controlling gun ownership; 23 percent said protecting gun rights."

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