07/31/2012 11:39 am ET | Updated Jul 31, 2012

Laura Summers' Lip Injections Go Seriously Awry (PHOTOS)

"From the age since I can remember I have always wanted to be [a] celebrity," Laura Summers writes on her splashy website, "Why ?!?! Because I wanted to have the power to make a difference in the world – I wanted to have a voice that would be heard."

She's well on her way. Summers, a 27-year-old blonde from Nottingham, England, is known in the British tabloids as the girl of many surgeries, having spent somewhere between £30,000 and £60,000 on cosmetic procedures. But one procedure in particular is landing her back in headlines: a seriously botched lip job.

After receiving a £200 lip injection, the Mirror writes, Summers lips expanded to four times their normal size. She told the newspaper, "I looked in the mirror and screamed. All I could see was a monster looking back at me."

The result, seen in Summers' Instagram pics below, was pretty bad. Worse than the mere "trout pout" that many celebs sport, Summers' lips ballooned. (Hey, at least it wasn't her butt?)

Now Summers may have finally found her calling, her way to make a difference in the world: warning other women against bad plastic surgery. She tweeted today, "Hope my lip story will help other girls a bit and warn them that they must be careful !"

We should say so. Unfortunately, Summers' lips land her in our unofficial "Plastic Surgery Disasters" Hall of Fame, below. But do even the scariest cautionary tales persuade women (and men) from going under the knife? In the U.S., cosmetic surgery numbers increased from 2010 to 2011, with over 1 million surgical procedures performed (and that doesn't count Botox, Restylane, etc). You can even get cosmetic surgery on your toes, although we don't recommend it.

Come to think of it, we don't recommend getting plastic surgery anywhere. Check out Laura Summers' photos, as she shared on her Instagram:

"My lips now ( top right)"

laura summers

"Why you shouldn't mess with your face"

laura summers

Click if you dare...

When Cosmetic Surgery Goes Wrong

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