Do you love meat? Are there not enough ways for you to express that love? Are you, perhaps, Iowa senator Chuck Grassley?

You may have tired of introducing yourself by saying, "Hello, my name is [blank], and I love meat." If this particular issue has been plaguing you, maybe you should pick up some attire that projects just how voracious a meat-eater you are. With, you know, just a picture of meat on your shirt.

Japanese t-shirt shop Tee Party can cater to all your meat shirt needs. As Nerdalicious points out, this is probably a great way to ward off vegetarians.

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  • Bacon

    Just find a friend with an over-easy eggs shirt and you're in business.

  • Capicola

    This spicy salami shirt makes us hungry every time we look at it.

  • Ground Beef

    Maybe now your friends will trust you when you say you know how to make the perfect burger.

  • Ham

    Nostalgic for brown-bag lunches? Here's a shirt that says so.

  • More Bacon

    There will never stop being more bacon.

  • More Ham

    This time, fancy ham. Spiral ham. The kind of ham you eat in thick slices with eggs for breakfast. Who else is getting hungry?

  • Salami

    <a href="" target="_hplink">Katz's said it best</a>: "Send a salami to your boy in the army." Or... just send him a salami shirt if you're worried about spoilage.

  • Tied Roast

    If you wear this t-shirt while you make a Sunday roast, everyone knows dinner is going to be serious business.