Monet's Matrix: Peter Nitsch Codes ASCII Street View (PHOTOS)

07/31/2012 12:38 pm ET

We imagine if Neo "The One" from The Matrix and Claude Monet were ever doing some traveling together, this is the Google map they would use.


Art and convenience join forces in Peter Nitsch's ASCII Street View, which we first saw on Gizmodo. Using an alphabet-based code to make up the physical landscape, Nitsch gives a trippy view of our world as a digital reality in flux. Type in your destination and watch the symbols ebb and flow like an Impressionist painting. Check out some of our favorite locations below (including the HuffPost office) with the ASCII touch.



Aside from being an astoundingly complex and effective technology, Google Street View has paved the way for some other unexpected art projects. What's been your favorite so far?

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