Between NBC's never-ending list of Olympic gaffes and the events we wish were really included, the 2012 London Olympics have already given us our fair share of laughs. But what about the athletes? Surely they have something funny to offer as well.

Which brings us to the real reason we're watching these international feats of strength and agility: the hilarious faces the athletes make mid-jump, mid-dive and mid-swing. Thanks to a mixture of high-speed photography, gravity and extreme determination, these young competitors provide us with more than just mind-blowing feats of athleticism. They also make us laugh.

Check out some of the funniest faces of the Olympics so far below and vote for your favorites.

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  • Best 'HURRHH' Face

    Manuel Minginfel (Micronesia)

  • Best Landing Face

    John Orozco (United States)

  • Best Anti-Gravity Face

    Cao Yuan (China)

  • Best Yelling Face

    Manueli Tulo (Fiji)

  • Best Stinky Pool Face

    Gemma Beadsworth (Australia)

  • Best 'There's Something In My Teeth' Face

    Patrick Hausding (Germany)

  • Best 'Kicked In The Groin' Face

    Anastasia Grishina (Russia)

  • Best Concentration Face

    Vladimir Samsonov (Belarus)

  • Best Unintentional Smile

    Sascha Klein (Germany)

  • Best Unintentional Frown

    Michael Phelps (United States)

  • Best 'Derp' Face

    Nicole Davis (United States)

  • Best Anticipation Face

    Ivana Djerisilo (Serbia)

  • Best Accidental Duck Face

    Andy Roddick (United States)

  • Best 'How's My Hair?' Face

    Nick McCrory (United States)

  • Best Face With Eyes Closed

    Ulrika Agren (Sweden)

  • Best 'The F#@k Is That?' Face

    Lucie Safarova (Czech Republic)

  • Best Face/Name

    German Sanchez Sanchez (Mexico)

  • Best 'Can I Do This?' Face

    Sandra Raluca Izbasa (Romania)

  • Best 'Gimme That' Face

    Belinda Snell (Australia)

  • Best Upside-Down Face

    Missy Franklin (USA)

  • Best Face (Period)

    Elisa Casanova (Italy)

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