Everyone can be a winner if they've got the right 'tude, even a humble bulldozer. And sure, watching a bunch of FAILS is a lot of fun, but sometimes it's nice when things are nice.

To that end, we present to you this compilation of the best OMG-but-in-a-good-way win clips of July filled with face charming treats. If you have a face you will be charmed.

Ermahgerd! That dog can scratch! Whoa, that crab performed surgery on itself! That 50-year-old man lifted a refrigerator with his bare hands! I can do anything if I just put my mind to it!

Now go out and make it a great day, winners!

For more feel-good fun, check out these videos below of dogs getting great news. These dogs are winners.

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  • Dad's coming home

    Two dogs see their owner for the first time in seven months. If this video doesn't make you happy, your heart is made of stone.

  • I'm going for a walk

    Just say the magic word...

  • It's raining tennis balls

    First there's just one and then... magic

  • My TV show is on

    Wonder what this dog's reaction will be when "Breaking Bad" comes back.

  • I'm going swimming

    In this heat, this pool probably looks inviting to everyone.

  • There's another animal around

    "If I jump from side to side the hamster will come to me!"

  • It's bath time

    Bath, bath, bath, bath, bath

  • Santa Claus is coming

    Don't you dare tell these dogs the truth about Santa Claus!

  • Time for another walk

    "Open the door! Open the door! C'mon open the door!"

  • It's dinner time

    They get this excited, and this is their third bowl!

  • There's a new member of my family

    "I just want to jump up there to give him a kiss on the forehead."

  • I'm going for a ride in the car

    We can only hope they're going to the dog park... and that said dog park video will eventually be posted.

  • I'm getting more food

    Dancing for his supper.

  • I see my owner!

    This dog cannot contain his joy.

  • He's back! He's really back!

    Given how tall this dog is, it's almost like this is a video of two people seeing each other after a long separation.