08/02/2012 12:05 pm ET

Keith Olbermann Debuts Tumblr Filled With Sunset Pictures

Wondering what Keith Olbermann has been up to recently? Wonder no more.

Anyone who follows Olbermann on Twitter knows that the former Current TV host has a propensity for sparring with his followers and snapping pics of sunsets over New York City. So, it makes sense that Olbermann debuted a Tumblr consisting entirely of sunsets photographs.

Introducing "Actually Keith Olbermann." Distributing it to the masses over Twitter, Olbermann referred to his Tumblr as "a photo gallery," and shared that he used to be a semi-professional photographer. "Emphasis on 'semi,'" his Tumblr reads.

Olbermann is currently embroiled in a nasty lawsuit with Current TV after the network fired him for alleged breach of contract in late March.


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