08/02/2012 04:48 pm ET

Celebrities Who Died Before Their Final Film Was Released (PHOTOS)

Though Marilyn Monroe's legacy lives on long after her death, even she wasn't able to see her star power at work to the end.

Twentieth Century Fox's 1962 baby, "Something's Got to Give," never saw the light of day after Monroe's August 5 death that year. Not until 2001 did a TV documentary, "Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days," show footage of the original film, which co-starred Dean Martin.

But Monroe isn't the only star who took their final bow before their last film was released. Legends like James Dean, Jean Harlow, Natalie Wood, Bruce Lee and Heath Ledger all passed away before their final films hit theaters.

Check out those gone too soon below:

Stars Who Died Before Seeing Their Final Films