Is breakfast on your wedding catering menu?

It is at a new Las Vegas Denny's. In addition to other unique features, this new Denny's location -- the third in Las Vegas -- will include a wedding chapel in the center of the restaurant, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

The 24-hour breakfast chain has leased more than 6,400-square-feet of space in Vegas' new Neonopolis in the downtown core to accommodate the restaurant.

“It’s unique. It’s different. It’s going to be an icon within Vegas. People are going to want to travel to see this Denny’s. The wedding scene is such a part of Vegas, and who doesn’t want a wedding cake made out of pancakes?” Denny's chief marketing officer, Frances Allen, told the Sun.

Allen does have a point; the wedding business is a boon in Vegas. Last month, two entrepreneurs were prompted to open the Vegas Wedding Wagon. The wagon provides a full curbside wedding service -- in true Vegas fashion, of course -- for just $99.

Click through the slideshow below to see photos of couples who said "I do" in Sin City.

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  • Jeremy And Marcia Wigginton

    This Tennessee couple makes a wish at 11:11 everyday, so 11/11/11 was the perfect day for them to say their "I Do's." They got married under the sign because, as Marcia Wigginton told HuffPost Weddings, "That's Vegas."

  • Rock Star Wedding Party

    An excited group celebrates under the Vegas sign.

  • Elvis Presley Performs A Marriage

    An Elvis Presley impersonator helps a couple to tie the knot.

  • Elvis Presley

    An Elvis Presley impersonator gets prepped for a wedding ceremony.

  • Reverend Mark

    Reverend Mark -- also an Elvis Presley impersonator -- arrived on site dressed in full Presley garb. But his bride and groom, Patty Reinert and Kenny Clure, were expecting to be married by a minister, not an impersonator. That was no trouble for Reverend Mark, who dashed back to his car, changed clothes and quickly returned to marry the happy couple.

  • Patty Reinert And Kenny Clure

    Patty Reinert almost didn't make it to her 11/11/11 wedding. The special education teacher got called into work when none of the other staff at her workplace in Oklahoma could handle her students. At the last second, a school director was called in, and Reinert and Clure took off for Vegas.

  • A Formal Affair

    A formal wedding party gathers under the Las Vegas sign after an 11/11/11 ceremony.

  • Sparrow Morgan And Gabriel Koen

    Sparrow Morgan and Gabriel Koen eloped under the Vegas sign on 11/11/11. The Los Angeles couple wanted a fun, low-stress wedding, and "what's more fun than Vegas?" Morgan told HuffPost Weddings. They met 15 years ago in a comic book shop in Texas. Their dogs, Sophie and Hunter acted as "Best Man" and "Best Girl."

  • Elvis Presley

    Another Elvis Presley impersonator, singing at Sparrow Morgan and Gabriel Koen's 11/11/11 wedding.

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