'Glee': Santana Comes Out To The Cheerios In A Deleted Scene (VIDEO)

08/07/2012 10:02 am ET

"Glee" co-creator Ryan Murphy is continuing to release deleted scenes from the popular Fox series on his Twitter. The latest: Santana's coming out scene.

In the scene, Santana (Naya Rivera) comes out as a lesbian to her fellow Cheerios. The scene opens with Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) thanking her cheerleaders for teaching their parents about voting. Santana follows with her announcement, saying she first thought being with Brittany (Heather Morris) was a phase, but soon realized it was something more.

"Thank you Santana, that was very brave," Sue says. "By my reckoning every student at this school who could possibly come out has come out. So congratulations, the long national nightmare of students coming out is over."

Murphy has been tweeting other deleted "Glee" scenes including a pivotal Rachel/Quinn scene and a cut Warbler performance.

"Glee" returns to Fox for Season 4 on Thurs., Sept. 13 at 9 p.m. ET.

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