08/07/2012 01:39 pm ET

Serious Lamb Burger: McDonald's Australia Is Not Joking Around With New Menu Item

Australia has been known for its lamb, so it only natural that McDonald's Australia is planning to debut a "Serious Lamb Burger" next week, reports Burger Business. In addition to a lamb patty, the burger will also have red onion slices, a slice of beetroot, egg, tomato, lettuce and aioli.

Serious burger fiends might notice that some ingredients, namely the beet and egg, are extremely popular burger toppings in Australia. In fact, beets are so popular that Burger Business says when Hungry Jack's (Burger King in Australia) took off a burger with beets, customers were quite unhappy.

While this could very well be a smart move for McDonald's Australia, we wonder if American customers would go for beets on their burger. Could you get behind a burger with beets on it?


We'll leave you with this video from The Beets, the most excellent band from Nickelodeon's 90s cartoon "Doug."


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