08/08/2012 07:43 pm ET

London Olympics 2012: Amazing Photos From August 8 (PHOTOS)


Another day at the London Olympics brought with it another flood of memorable moments on the fields -- and courts -- of play and another set of captivating images.

From a day's worth action on the track and on the hardwood to hard fought action in the boxing ring and in the pool, there was something for everyone on Day 12 of the Summer Games. On the track, Team USA had a big day but Sarah Attar's pioneering performance was perhaps the most stirring. She became the first woman from Saudi Arabia ever to compete in the Olympics and Usain Bolt coasted once again to advance to the 200-meter final.

Oh, there was also a guy named Bolt, who seemed to win another race without much trouble.

Here is a glimpse of some of these moments as well as arresting images from the rest of the day's action:

Best Photos Of Olympics Day 12