Twitter Friends: They've Never Met, But They Tweet All The Time

08/23/2012 06:13 pm ET

If you spend a lot of time on Twitter and follow enough people, you may start to feel as if everybody knows everybody. You don't even know some of these people's real names (just their Twitter handles), but they sure seem popular. As we've monitored our feed to pull together our end-of-week tweet roundups, we started to wonder if all these people tweeting back and forth actually know each other or if they are only onlne friends. As it turns out, it's the latter in some cases, but that doesn't mean the relationships are insignificant. Below, we tweet-interview five pairs of friends who have never met in real life.

Alyssa Kramer, graduate student, Pittsburgh
Kendra Alvey, writer, Los Angeles

Alyssa and Kendra

Katie Zack, student, Boston
Ashley Barnhill, comedian and actress, Austin

Katie and Ashley

Colleen McGuinness, '30 Rock' writer and producer, New York
Aisha Muharrar, 'Parks and Recreation' writer, Los Angeles

Colleen and Aisha

Kiki, content manager, Scottsdale
Andrea Holland, publicist, San Francisco

Kiki and Andrea

Lisa Goodwin, attorney turned writer, New York
Abbi Crutchfield, writer, comedian and actress, New York

Lisa and Abbi

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