Louis C.K. Teaches Daughters To Apologize In Deleted 'Louie' Scene (VIDEO)

08/09/2012 10:10 am ET

Louis C.K. may not know how to interact with women, but saying "I'm sorry" is his wheelhouse.

In this deleted scene from "Louie," his girls learn a valuable lesson about apologizing, even when it's an accident. More importantly, they learn what can happen when you don't apologize.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube a month ago, but it was re-surfaced by Reddit users yesterday, who very quickly got to the meat of the matter:

Redditer 1: Can't wait to show this to my 5 and four year olds...If you don't say "I'm sorry" they're gonna haul your ass to jail. Internet is making parenting a lot easier.

Redditer 2: Pretty sure this is the only situation where the internet makes parenting a lot easier

Redditer 3: "Daddy, why are those girls pooping in a cup and eating it?"

Redditer 4: "Because they went to school, but they didn't listen."


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