Thank you, BuzzFeed, for fulfilling all of our dreams with this one video.

Like cats sleeping? Think they should be recognized with some sort of award for truly spectacular displays of sleep acrobatics? Then this would be the short film for you. (And, yes, we use the word FILM on purpose because art...)

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  • Tissue Box Cat

    We can't believe this cat survived.

  • Sneak Attack!!

    Just wait for it.

  • Maru And The Too-Small Box

    "I'm going to fit!"

  • Always Ready Cat

    "I'll get your hand if it's the last thing I do."

  • Two Fascinated Cats

    Wherever their lives may lead them, they'll always have that box.

  • Cat In Coke Box

    Since when do cats know about product placement?

  • Maru Tries Again

    "I finished my diet and now I fit into this lovely box!"

  • Two Fascinated Cats

    Whatever the cameraperson is doing is clearly very interesting.

  • Dominance War

    This cat really is a big bully.

  • Bite The Tiny Box

    Three kittens are better than one.

  • Pop Out Kitty-O

    That hole was specially cut for this cat.

  • Techno Cat

    "Why all this music when a cat is just trying to sleep?"

  • Cats in Kleenex box

    They won't stop a runny nose, but they will melt your heart.