Dr. Oz, the Emmy Award-winning doctor, television host and author, recently joined me on Mondays with Marlo, and I just had to ask him what vitamins he recommends for lovely locks. Not only does Dr. Oz say eggs are great for your hair, he says you should be taking a B vitamin supplement for great hair health.

For more amazing tips on healthy living, take a look at this slideshow of Dr. Oz's best advice:

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  • Three Keys to Good Health

    First, remember that food is sacred. Eat food that comes out of the ground. Second, be sure you engage in physical activity every day. Third, care about someone. You need to have a reason for your heart to keep beating.

  • Sleep Hygiene

    If you want to have a good night's sleep, remember to make these tips a part of your bedtime ritual. First, the body sleeps better when it's cold, so set your thermostat to 68 degrees. If you still sleep poorly, decrease the temperature even more. Second, don't let yourself feel constrained. Instead wear loose-fitting clothing or none at all. Third, limit your exposure to noise and light at least thirty minutes before going to bed. Stay away from your computer and turn off the TV, and try reading a book before bed, while you let your body ramp down.

  • The Best Way To Lose 5-10 Pounds

    Cut all white foods out of your diet, this includes white pasta, bread, rice, and sugar. Obesity comes from eating sugar, which is found most readily in these highly processed foods.

  • Good Health For Women Over 50

    Do weight-bearing exercise. As a woman, your ovaries stop making estrogen and testosterone after 50. So to stay fit after fifty, do something that forces the muscle and bones stay strong, such as yoga, or even lifting Campbell's Soup cans.

  • What To Eat Before A Workout

    It's so important to eat a light meal about 30 minutes before working out. Blueberries and granola work well because your body can access their nutrients quickly. However, protein is harder for your body to break down, so you should have it after the work out.

  • Sex for Good Health

    If you have a lot of sex with someone you care about, you increase your life expectancy. For men it's quantity, for women it's quality (having an orgasm). When you're doing things that connect you to someone, it revs the system and reminds your body that you are living life.

  • How to Deal with Stress

    When you're extremely stressed, go to the bathroom, sit, and close the door. This gives you a few minutes to think about gratitude. Take a deep breath in, and push your belly out. That deep breathing is profoundly important.

  • Eat Less Sugar

    Sugar has already been linked to diseases like heart disease, and soon it will be linked to things like cancer. It's also very addictive; a little sugar forces you to have more. After the first bite of sugar, have a glass of water to wash the taste out of your mouth, and you should be good to go.

  • How a Nursing Mom Can Drop Pounds

    The best way to drop pounds is to keep nursing. The rule of thumb is that every day you gained weight, that's how long it will take to lose the weight. Give yourself 9 months to get back to normal, no more, no less.

  • Avoid Emotional Eating

    It's important to automate your life in order to avoid emotional decision-making. Eat the same exact breakfast every morning. Don't try to figure out lunch; already have it ordered.

  • Spice Up Your Sex Life

    If you want to spice up your relationship, it's a very wise move to use sex toys. 50 Shades of Grey inspired people to do this because it was about honesty and transparency about what men and women do with each other.

  • Get Tested After 50

    Make sure you're getting colonoscopies, thyroid function tests, and checking your blood levels for anemia, especially after 50.

  • How To Get Rid Of Hot Flashes

    Eliminate saturated fats in your diet. Having more fat creates extra fluctuation in estrogen levels.

  • Sleep More

    Lack of sleep causes cognitive problems and weight gain. The brain craves four things: sleep, sex, food, and water. If you don't sleep enough, you'll crave more food and water, which leads to weight gain.

  • How To Deal With Depression

    Taking anti-depressants might just act as a painkiller. Talking to people, or a professional, is what will really help you to change your life, and the things that are making you unhappy.

  • Favorite Foods

    Breakfast foods are some of the best for you, because this is the most important meal of the day. You should not be counting calories of foods like blueberries, a.k.a., "brainberries;" yogurt with its natural probiotics, steel cut oatmeal, eggs, and radishes. Instead, count nutrients and eat foods you love.

  • #1 Most Fattening Food

    The number one fattening food in America is french fries, followed by potato chips. Surprisingly, skim milk is also more fattening than regular milk. It becomes a sugar drink when you take the fat out of it. Try using 2% milk and you will lose weight.

  • How To Get Adequate Rest

    Plan for bed. Most people don't plan to sleep. Instead they allow themselves to be distracted by stress, work, or a TV program. If you give yourself a set time to go to bed, and follow a nightly schedule, you'll feel more rested.

  • Fear and Worry

    The two most dangerous words in the English language are "if only". There's no such thing as a mistake. At this very moment, you should be happy. When you think about yesterday or tomorrow, that's when worry starts plaguing you.

  • Biggest Health Myth

    The idea that aging is a natural process of life is a huge medical myth. Aging is simply a side effect of life. As you get older, you can avoid looking frail and weak if you take care of yourself. Take a look at <a href="http://www.realage.com/landing/entry4?cbr=GGLE10037X" target="_hplink">Realage.com</a> for more information.

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