Mitt Romney announced that Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is his vice presidential running mate Saturday morning, rounding out the GOP ticket with another white dude.

Twitter, of course, had been dreaming of something more exciting -- so they did what they do best and started a hashtag. It's called #BetterPresidentialTicket, and people the Internet over are using their imaginations to cook up the ridiculous scenarios that could have been.

We've rounded up our faves for you to check out below, and hey, maybe 2016 will feature a lot more Will Ferrell:

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  • Dominic Lauture

  • Logy Logz⛵

  • Black Shelton

  • Dan Wilbur

  • Benjamin Ulfers

  • Candace Brown

  • Jarret Berenstein

  • Ian

  • Cap'n OG Readmore

  • Jay Armstrong

  • Karin Richardson

  • Matt Layman

  • Mo Alexander

  • Jeff Loomis

  • Ally Bruener

  • Eli Petersen

  • Noel Quizalla

  • Chris Alan

  • Jacob Nienaber

  • Kathy Luyk

  • Jarret Berenstein

  • nate

  • Konway Tweety

  • Michaelanne Petrella

  • Will Duff

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