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Bristol Palin 'Praying For' Paul Ryan

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Bristol Palin said Saturday that she is "praying for" Paul Ryan and his family following Mitt Romney's decision to tap the congressman as his running mate.

Hours after Romney introduced the Wisconsin congressman as his vice presidential pick, Palin urged her readers to "pause" before passing judgment on Romney's choice.

"Don't write a word, don't make a snap judgment, don't critique the VP choice, don't exult in its brilliance," Palin wrote in a blog entry. "Just take a moment and realize that whomever is chosen, he is a person about to go through an ordeal that few people will ever experience."

Palin, of course, witnessed the "ordeal" firsthand when her mother Sarah Palin was chosen as John McCain's running mate in 2008, exposing her family to intense scrutiny. Bristol Palin, then a high school senior, was pregnant with her son Tripp during her mother's vice presidential bid.

"Pray for his family," Palin wrote. "Pray that he can meet the challenges of the campaign trail without being burned by the spotlight."

She continued: "The next 90 days will be among the most challenging of his life. I'm going to pray for Paul Ryan. Please join me."

Palin has remained in the spotlight following her mother's candidacy. Her reality show, "Life's A Tripp," currently airs on Lifetime. She will also return as a contestant on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" later this year.

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