Gwyneth Paltrow's Black Bra Goes Along For The Ride (PHOTO)

08/13/2012 02:25 pm ET | Updated Aug 13, 2012

We always attempt (in vain, obvi) to up our airport style game to celebrity levels, fighting back the urge to wear jeggings, sneakers and a backpack in favor of a maxi dress, wedges and some expensive yet utterly inconvenient satchel thing.

But next time we fly, we shouldn't stress too much -- apparently all you need to do to travel like a star is flash a hint of bra. Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted at LAX doing just that, with a loose gray tee, a light green army jacket, white jeans and a pile of necklaces and bracelets (how she got through the metal detector, we have no idea).

This isn't the first time Gwynnie's done some bra-flashing at the airport. But this incident was far less obvious than, say, Jennifer Lawrence's orange bra situation.

At least Paltrow was wearing one -- often the actress seems seems to be wearing no bra at all. Sometimes that works out just fine... and occasionally it causes a "Worst Dressed" moment.

This cute airport outfit is decidedly in the former category.

Check out Gwyneth's sweet airport style -- do you mind the exposed undergarment?


gwyneth paltrow black bra

Celebrity Airport Style

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