On August 15, what would have been Julia Child's 100th birthday, we celebrate a woman who did so much to change the culinary landscape of America. She did more than just introduce French cooking to Americans, she showed that cooking was fun. Her many television appearances and TV series show just that -- a woman who isn't afraid to be herself and show the world what she loves to do.

Julia's openness and occasional awkwardness made countless people fall in love with her. Many of us think of her frequent flubs, though she never actually dropped a chicken. Julia did make some errors in the kitchen, but instead of being embarrassed she showed us how to fix them and taught us that it's okay to make mistakes. Just watch her appearance on David Letterman, below, where she was supposed to demo a burger, but instead made something entirely different. And let's not forget one of the most popular moments in television history -- where Dan Akroyd impersonates Julia and perfectly captures her eccentricities and voice cadences.

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  • Julia Child on David Letterman

    In this television appearance, Julia makes the most out of a bad situation when her burner won't work.

  • Julia Child's Chicken Sisters

    On her television show, "The French Chef," Julia always made her demonstrations fun. Here she introduces a group of chickens.

  • No One's Ever Going To See...Your Cooking Mistake

    One of her most famous moments on "The French Chef" has Julia cooking a potato pancake, which she spills onto the stove while trying to flip it. Here, Meryl Streep reenacts the famous scene in the film "Julie and Julia."

  • Julia Child on McDonald's Fries

    In this famous clip, Julia raves about the McDonald's fries of years past "before the nutritionists got at them" and they stopped using beef tallow.

  • Julia And Jacques

    In her later years Julia shared the TV screen with chef Jacques Pepin for the "Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home" series on PBS. Their back-and-forth banter and disagreements made for countless funny moments. Here is a short collection of several of them.

  • Dan Akroyd As Julia Child

    One of the most famous Julia Child TV scenes doesn't have Julia at all, but Dan Akroyd impersonating her on "Saturday Night Live."

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