Four teens were shot in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn on Tuesday evening, continuing a tragic streak of shootings in New York City this summer.

The New York Post reports the shooting erupted at around 6:30PM and left a 13-year-old girl, two 16-year-old boys and an 18-year-old man wounded with non-life threatening injuries at Fish Playground.

Police say at least one gunman on a bicycle was involved.

The violence follows a wave of shootings in recent weeks, particularly at parks and playgrounds, that have injured and even killed young children.

This past July, 4-year old Lloyd Morgan was shot and killed at a Bronx basketball court near a playground Morgan was playing at.

Rev. Al Sharpton was among the hundreds who attended Morgan's funeral. Sharpton delivered a eulogy at the funeral and said, "I'm angry at myself and all of us, 'cause it shouldn't have gotten to this. This is not about the blame game no more. This is about all of those who will stand up and take responsibility for our part in making sure our babies grow up."

Just four days after Morgan's death, another shooting broke out at Harlem's Rucker Park basketball court that left five wounded.

And just two weeks ago, there was a drive-by shooting in Brownsville. 2-year old Ariyanna Prince was one of six wounded in the shooting, which many in the community believe to have been gang-related.

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  • A vigil on the basketball court for four-year-old Lloyd Morgan, who was killed by a stray bullet after shots were fired on during a ball game there. Lloyd's mother Shianne Norman called her son "Little Lebron" because of his love of basketball.

  • Lloyd Morgan, 4, was hit by a stray bullet Sunday night when three or four men began shooting at each other at a neighborhood basketball tournament. Residents said they believed shooting was a retaliation for another the night before in the same neighborhood.

  • New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn attends a press conference following the shooting of Lloyd Morgan, 4, at a park. "I hope...we don't have to see each other again under these circumstances again this summer," said Quinn. "There have been enough shootings already, enough children lost."

  • Assemblyman Eric Stevenson urges South Bronx residents Monday to contact the police with any information about the shooting of Lloyd. "This is not a thing of snitching," Stevenson said. "This is a thing of saving the young of this community."

  • Assemblyman Eric Stevenson hugs Minister Abdul Hafeez Muhammad on a basketball court where a shooting occurred the day before, killing a four-year-old.