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Susan Olsen's Style Evolution: From 'The Brady Bunch' To Motherly Animal Rights Activist

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Over the 5-year run of the '70s family sitcom 'The Brady Bunch,' we saw each of Mike and Carol Brady's kids mature and evolve, especially Susan Olsen's character Cindy Brady. As "the youngest one in curls," the child actress' honest and sweet demeanor warmed our hearts in each episode, and her adorable blonde pigtail hairstyle made her all the more lovable.

Since her role in the popular show, Olsen, who was the youngest of her siblings in real life too, has continued on as an artist, radio host and an animal welfare advocate. To celebrate Susan Olsen's 51st birthday on Tuesday (August 14th), we're taking a look back at her transformation since the Brady days. Does she bear any resemblance to the precocious 7-year-old Cindy you remember?

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Susan Olsen's Style Evolution
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