A long time ago, a man (probably) was sitting on a couch (probably) and had a thought: "If my dog can fetch tennis balls, why not a beer?"

Lo and behold, the Internet was flooded with videos of dogs fetching beers for their masters. To think: an actually USEFUL pet trick!

After thoroughly researching the phenomenon, we have a new-found admiration for all the various beer-fetching techniques dogs have acquired. If you would like to teach your best friend to beer you, here are some helpful tips:

1. A rope on the fridge always helps
2. Remember to teach your dog to close the refrigerator door (otherwise you'll have to get up anyway)
3. You might want to wait a little bit longer before opening a dog-retrieved beer
4. Be prepared for the some spillage
5. Most importantly, don't forget to give the dog a treat afterwards (or better yet, some beer for dogs!)

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  • And She Recycles

    An earth-conscious dog.

  • "Good Dog, Great Beer"

    "Um, you might want to reverse that, buddy."

  • Golden Retrievers Are The Smartest

    This dog doesn't even has to be asked to close the fridge.

  • If At First You Don't Succeed

    Her owner might want to wait a bit before opening that beer.

  • Crash To The Rescue

    For when you're too busy listening to Kelly Clarkson to get a beer.

  • Bucky Saves The Day

    He deserves all the praise he gets.

  • Lots Of Tricks

    The beer trick might not even be the most impressive.

  • Two For The Price Of One

    It's important to teach all of your dogs this trick.

  • A Silent Film

    Look at Sadie move that cooler lid, just look!

  • A Little Disgruntled

    "I'll give it to you, but I'm still going to defiantly drop it at your feet."

  • Multiple Camera Angles

    Points for having to bite that small string, Zee.

  • Just Learning

    What Ronan really wants is that barbecue sauce.

  • Eagerly Seeking Approval

    His door shutting technique is perfect.

  • One Trained Puppy

    Nothing we haven't seen before, but man that puppy is cute.

  • Touchdown Dog

    Perfect, just perfect.

  • Grady Gets It Done

    Look at that tail!

  • The Assist

    That other dog comes in at the end, trying to get all the glory!

  • Sliding To The Fridge

    Where can we get that fridge?

  • Um... I Don't Think So

    It doesn't always work.

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