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'Gangnam Style' Becomes 'Oppa Is Just My Style': PSY's 'Girl Version' Followup, Featuring Hyuna (VIDEO)

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Still from YouTube
Still from YouTube

Park Jae Sang, or PSY, the Korean musician who confused the internet into submission earlier this month with his bizarrely great comeback video "Gangnam Style," isn't letting it go. Yesterday he released a companion "girl version" to the viral hit.

This one, titled "Oppa Is Just My Style," features Hyuna, a member of the Korean pop girl group 4Minute, who plays PSY's boo in the first "Gangnam" video.

The "Gangnam" lyrics are apparently retrofitted here to work from a woman's point of view, but the main difference we're spotting is less invisible horse riding and more sultry side-eyeing. The visuals definitely aren't as wacky as before, and disappointed K-pop forum members are already circling Hyuna like sharks, but that doesn't mean we're able to get the damn thing out of our heads. Will it reach 30,000,000 views in less than a month? Check it out below and let us know what you think.


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