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Jonah Lehrer Keeps Job With Wired Magazine

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Jonah Lehrer will keep his job with Wired, the magazine told BuzzFeed on Wednesday.

Wired will continue to publish Lehrer's work, even after he admitted to fabricating Bob Dylan quotes for his best-selling book "Imagine." The scandal cost Lehrer his job at the New Yorker, where he had also been caught recycling his own work.

Lehrer wrote for Wired for several years before moving to the New Yorker. Jon Hammond, a spokesman for Wired, confirmed the magazine's decision to keep the writer's contract. "Jonah was and remains on a features contract with Wired," Hammond told BuzzFeed.

He said that Lehrer had made "a horrible mistake," but that the magazine would continue to stand by his work. He added that Wired is currently vetting his blog posts, and that his print work stands up to fact-checking.

Back in July, New Yorker editor David Remnick called the scandal and Lehrer's subsequent resignation a "terrifically sad situation." At the time, Houghton Mifflin also announced that it was pulling copies of "Imagine" until figuring out how to proceed.

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