08/15/2012 08:32 pm ET

Misty May-Treanor & Jon Stewart: Olympian Visits 'The Daily Show' (VIDEO)

Olympian and SoCal native Misty May-Treanor rocked her gold medal on the "Daily Show With Jon Stewart" Tuesday night, chatting with the comedian about everything from her retirement from volleyball to the shortage of condoms in the Olympic village.

The lovely Long Beach resident also pondered her next sport with Stewart, saying she's been inspired by watching the archery classes at a nearby neighborhood park.

Stewart then joked about the difference between California and New York: "The idea that you're allowed to have a bow and arrow in a park -- we're not even allowed to have nerf footballs!"

Watch the video above to hear more about why May-Treanor is giving up the sport she loves and find out what she's doing next.


Misty May-Treanor competes for the gold medal at the London Olympics.

Olympics Beach Volleyball Gold Medal Match