Why do dogs find eating air irresistible? Well, when they're not battling crabs, fetching beers or fighting with sprinklers, dogs are usually trying to get some grub. And when there isn't a can of Alpo in sight, sometimes, they've got to get creative.

Either that, or dog owners have just figured out an easy way to get their dogs to do something really funny on camera for a few seconds. The point is, when confronted with a strong breeze (or even a gentle blow), pups have one instinct and one instinct only: chomp!

We searched high and low and found 19 videos of various dogs and puppies eating air with vigor, all for your amusement. It's just one of the many services man's best friend provides us. Vote for your favorites and comment below.

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  • Puppy vs. Air Conditioner

    This is what we all do on hot days... Right?

  • Puppy Eats Breath

    To be fair, she did have bacon for lunch.

  • Schnauzer vs. Air

    This would be hilarious with a laugh track.

  • Snack Time

    This is this puppy's version of "fourthmeal"

  • Lady And The Blow Dryer

    Also a great way to stop excess drool.

  • White Puppy vs. Air

    The dog's really just trying to get her bandana back.

  • Air For Christmas

    OMG, just what I wanted!

  • Another Triumphant Schnauzer

    Some say that the beards cuts down on wind resistance (no one says this).

  • Puppy vs. Vacuum

    Every time she stops she goes right back after it.

  • Pug Wants More

    Look at those eyes!

  • Dog vs. Windstream

    "Please stop listening to "Bed Rock." I'm trying to concentrate."

  • Watch Me Chomp

    We're not usually for dogs breaking the fourth wall, but we'll make an exception.

  • Boxer vs. Hose

    It's all in the head.

  • Nanook Eating Air

    Either that or she's lip-syncing.

  • Determined Maltese

    "Let me at it. Let me at it!"

  • Stewie Eats Air

    The paws play a big role in this adorable little dog's technique.

  • Interrupted Car Ride

    "Just let it go to voicemail, I'm busy."

  • Puppy In A Wind Tunnel

    "First I swat, then I bite."

  • One More For The Road

    Nom nom nom nom.

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