Couples are taking back their weddings and doing their Big Days their own way more and more.

But, unfortunately, wedding photos haven't quite caught up yet -- we're still seeing some of the same photos cropping up over and over.

Click through the slideshow to see 10 of the most overused newlywed poses.

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  • Rings In Focus

    The focus of the wedding is the couple, so why take a photo where they're in the background?

  • Pop Of Color

    Sometimes it's the couple in the color pop spotlight, other times the bouquets, the shoes, the nails; the list goes on.

  • Bride Up Front, Groom In Back

    The couple just joined their lives together; there's no need to separate them again.

  • Backlit Dress In The Window

    There has got to be a new way to photograph the wedding dress... we're begging here.

  • Holding A Frame

    The photo will eventually be framed anyway; you don't need two.

  • Making A Heart With Their Hands

    This photo could also be joined with the first photo in this slideshow for a double whammy of cliche photos.

  • Bride And Groom Jumping

    This might be appropriate if both spouses are basketball stars, or have a <a href="" target="_hplink">history of taking jumping photos</a> together, but if you're not much for hopping in daily life, leave it out of your Big Day.

  • Rings On Things

    This is just one variant of the "rings on things" photo. Did rings on fingers -- where they belong -- get boring?

  • Dress Lifted To Show Shoes

    Special wedding shoes aren't uncommon, but you probably plan to wear them again. Do we really need a photo of <em>just</em> your shoes?

  • Bride Looking Into The Distance

    What's with these "solo bride" photos? What is she looking at? Where's the groom? And why is she so sad?

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