Sometimes you have to make tough decisions in life. For instance, do you want to kiss your girlfriend in front of thousands of strangers, or do you want to sleep on the couch tonight?

In his defense, those beers do cost like $10 each.


kiss cam beer

Via College Humor

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    In our experience cats really do hate driving.

  • Jumping Dog Bomb

    This dog is huge!

  • Cat From Above Bomb

    Where was this cat standing?

  • Corner Dog Bomb

    Submitted By: Kylee Callahan

  • "Soon" Bomb

    "Here is Badger, completely unaware of his archenemy Groucho doing the bombing..." -Submitted By: Kimberly Rai Cook

  • Smooth Dog Photobomb

    Submitted By: Heather Smith Robitzek

  • NSFW Llama Bomb

    Submitted By: Christopher Guignon

  • Kissing Bomb

    Hey! Me too, right?

  • Growl Bomb

    Submitted By: Alan Kelly

  • Dachshund Bomb

    "Photobomb of my dachshund with my then 3-month-old daughter." -Submitted By: Melanie Walsh

  • Bird Bomb

    Submitted By: Jean Seraichyk

  • Goat Bomb

    This goat would clearly lose hide-and-seek.

  • Laughing Dog Bomb

    That cat takes itself way too seriously.

  • Dog Headshot Bomb

    "I was taking head shots for a friend when Albert kept entering the frame and posing. This is the shot when my friend had had enough." - Submitted By: <a href="" target="_hplink">Kathlyn</a> <a href="" target="_hplink">Horan</a>

  • Cow Bomb

    These cows would have been such a good background otherwise.

  • Dog Behind Bomb

    Submitted by: <a href="" target="_hplink">Blacky Bokich</a>

  • Big News Dog Bomb

    All the dog that's fit to photograph.

  • Duck Bomb

    Aflac has to be responsible for this.

  • Bib Bomb

    Submitted By: Alexandra Foster

  • Hiking Bomb

    Submitted By: Reese Levine

  • Lakers Bomb

    "My husky is pretty angry she's not included in the picture." -Submitted By: Kimberly Fernandez

  • Family Bomb

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  • Fluffy Cat Bomb

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  • Nose Bomb

    Submitted By: Ren Meier

  • Weimaraner Bomb

    "An animal photobomb taken in the "off leash" portion of Austin's Town Lake hike and bike trail. This is actually our dog, presumably telling us how she really feels about the new baby!" -Submitted By: Joanna

  • Pug Photobomb

    Just wait for it.

  • Baby Bomb

    "Took a picture of baby Avery and dachshund Milo tunneled behind her to get in the picture." -Submitted By: Diane Lenier

  • Smooth Dog Bomb

    "Well, hello!"

  • Parasailing Dolphin Bomb

    "I make this look easy."

  • King Lion Bomb

    The lion doesn't even know he is posing, he's just naturally suave.

  • Posing Dolphin Bomb

    This dolphin really deserves credit for making this picture great.

  • Dane Bomb

    "Dog park fun (Jack, Marley, and Kiana) getting their picture taken when a great dane decides to make a cameo!!" -Submitted By: Brynn Fesler

  • Dog Portrait Bomb

    "I'm part of the family too. Why shouldn't I be in the picture?"

  • Beagle Bomb

    "Another animal is getting more attention than me!"

  • Gorilla Bomb

    Maybe this was planned?

  • Seagull Bomb

    "Oh, you were taking a picture?"

  • Wedding Bomb

    Just a man, a woman, and their horse.

  • Concert Dog Bomb

    Even dogs can enjoy 3D.

  • Hungry Seal Bomb

    The photographer is holding a steak.

  • Donkey Bomb

    This donkey has a place to go.

  • Over-The-Shoulder Kitty Bomb


  • Surprised Dog Bomb


  • Hawk Bomb

    Quick window bomb before flying away.

  • Family Photo Bomb

    Just gonna sneak in here.

  • Shark Bomb

    Cool boat, dude.

  • Bodyguard Bomb


  • Llama Bomb

    Pretty scenic, huh?

  • Fish Bomb

    Bet he didn't see that coming.

  • Creeper

    Is this cute or just incredibly creepy?

  • Fish Face Bomb

    Finally worked!

  • Censor Bomb

    Nope, FCC cat doesn't approve of this.