08/20/2012 11:57 am ET

Reddit User's Oreo Epiphany Solves Age-Old Problem (PHOTO)

If you've ever made yourself a makeshift Double Stuf Oreo, then had leftover cookies to deal with, you understand the conundrum. The cookies are delicious, but if you're mostly in it for the gooey frosting, they can be a little lackluster on their own. Reddit user nedyken has finally solved this age-old problem.

This post inspired controversy among those who love the Oreo cookie better than the cream filling -- with a few people taking particular offense to the crispy bits as "pathetic Oreo leftovers." As equal lovers of both Oreo parts, we just felt inspired by nedyken's ingenuity. As user loke457 exclaimed in the comments, "S'MOREOS!!!"


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