08/22/2012 07:12 pm ET | Updated Aug 23, 2012

Washington Monument Earthquake Video Shows Scary Situation

WASHINGTON -- If you can stomach it, check out this amazing video taken inside the Washington Monument during last year's 5.8-magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia's Louisa County.

The video, which goes on for more than two minutes, shows tourists -- some with kids clinging to them -- running down the monument's stairs, helped by National Park Service staff, as the obelisk shakes during the Aug. 23, 2011, quake.

The Washington Monument has been closed since the earthquake. In a report released Tuesday, government surveyors said that the quake had not caused the monument to sink (the monument has sunk about 2.2 inches since 1901, but, contrary to expectations, the quake did not cause further settling).

The 90,000-ton obelisk will be closed until 2014 as it undergoes an estimated $15 million in repairs.

August 2011 Earthquake