Two time Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis ("My Left Foot," "There Will Be Blood") looks every bit the 16th president of the United States in a new poster for "Lincoln."

Steven Spielberg is directing the project, which has been touted as a big time Oscar contender since it was announced. The film is perfectly slated for Oscar success, with a limited release on Nov. 9 followed by a full rollout on Nov. 16. (Those dates are also proof of the Disney's confidence in the film: 'Skyfall' opens on the 9th and 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' bows on the 16th).

The studio has said the film will focus on the president's later achievements. "'Lincoln' focuses on the last four months of the president's life and the political strategizing he undertook at the close of the Civil War to ensure that slavery would be forever outlawed," the studio said.

Earlier photos that have been released reveal a similarly haunting resemblance between the actor (with makeup, of course) and the storied leader.

As of now, it seems Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" may be Spielberg's biggest competitor in the race for the little golden man. That film stars Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix, but Spielberg's also lined up an impressive crew. Joining Day-Lewis in "Lincoln" are Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones, John Hawkes, Adam Driver, Jared Harris, James Spader and Jackie Earle Haley.

Here's the poster for the film:

lincoln poster

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  • Bill Murray

    <strong>Why He'll Win:</strong> The American who can do no wrong, whether it's slip-sliding <a href="" target="_hplink">around a minor league baseball field</a>, faux-throwing <a href="" target="_hplink">a nationwide party tour</a>, or wearing <a href="" target="_hplink">whatever he wants on the back nine</a>. He's built up decades of goodwill with films like "Caddyshack," "Ghostbusters" and "Groundhog Day," and continued strong with more recent films like "Zombieland" and "Moonrise Kingdom." That goodwill should carry him straight through Election Day. <strong>Ideal Running Mate:</strong> Chevy Chase

  • Will Ferrell

    <strong>Why He'll Win:</strong> Besides the experience of impersonating a president for a long-standing theatrical run, Ferrell's been in the public eye since his start on SNL in the '90s. With a campaign based on Anchorman's humble brags about leather-bound books, Ferrell should start writing his inauguration speech now. <strong>Ideal Running Mate:</strong> John C. Reilly

  • Kristen Wiig

    <strong>Why She'll Win:</strong> Though barely eligible to run, WIig's a rising star in the film industry. She left SNL this year to focus on her movie career, which could coincide perfectly with a run for office. Expect her to lean heavily on the massively popular "Bridesmaids" for recognition, and endorsements from influential celebrities like Judd Apatow to push her over the top. <strong>Ideal Running Mate: </strong>Maya Rudolph.

  • Robin Williams

    <strong>Why He'll Win:</strong> The country may very well respond to Williams' neurotic energy and wide range of abilities. He's done family comedies ("Mrs. Doubtfire," "Flubber" and "Happy Feet") and dramatic films ("Good Will Hunting," "AI" and "Dead Poets Society") over his long career. And perhaps that's just what the nation needs right now: a leader with consistency, emotion, and depth. <strong>Ideal Running Mate:</strong> Dustin Hoffman

  • Steve Martin

    <strong>Why He'll Win:</strong> The elder statesman in the race and a man of many talents and career reinventions. His stand-up led way to acting, which led to writing, and eventually banjo-playing and tweeting. This diversity of experience and adaptability will suit him well with the challenges of running the country. <strong>Ideal Running Mate:</strong> Martin Short

  • Tina Fey

    <strong>Why She'll Win:</strong> A smart woman who's already run her own variety show and television program by working with Harvard boys and stand-up comedians. Running the country is the next logical step. <strong>Ideal Running Mate:</strong> Jimmy Fallon

  • Eddie Murphy

    <strong>Why He'll Win:</strong> Murphy's recent career has seen a downward turn with three Razzie nominations coming in the last decade alone, but the former Beverly Hills Cop may be nearly invincible. WIth a killer smile -- and no need for any other staffers because of his burning desire to play every role in the White House, from intern to intelligence agent -- Murphy's a shoe-in. <strong>Ideal Running Mate:</strong> Himself in a fat suit.

  • Jim Carrey

    <strong>Why He'll Win:</strong> He's one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, he's got the money to fund a campaign and he has the gumption to pull of a successful election. Plus, the indefatigable comedic energy will help him put up with the demands of the toughest job on the planet. <strong>Ideal Running Mate:</strong> Jeff Daniels

  • Adam Sandler

    <strong>Why He'll Win:</strong> No one's really sure why he'll win, but they just know that he will. Wouldn't you pay to see "Adam Sandler in... The Oval Office!" if it only cost a vote? <strong>Ideal Running Mate:</strong> Rob Schneider

  • Chris Rock

    <strong>Why He'll Win:</strong> With lots of opinions on what's wrong and broken in the world, it's only fair that Chris Rock be given a chance to change America. It remains to be seen if his polarizing attitude will translate into votes, but his passion would definitely effect changes and make for one unforgettable presidency. <strong>Ideal Running Mate:</strong> Wanda Sykes

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