"American Horror Story: Asylum" is ditching the supernatural in favor of the psychological, according to series star Sarah Paulson.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Paulson didn't reveal much, but did note the change in horrors.

"I think this season is much more about the psychological terror and also about people who have been left, or unloved, unwanted in the '60s and just the politics of what happened in the '60s," Paulson said.

FX released another new grotesque teaser, this time warning, "Be careful what you pass along." Take a look at the teaser below and click through the slideshow for more "Asylum" teasers.

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  • Glass Prison

    Once you've committed ... There's no way out.

  • Ascend

    Whatever you do ... Don't. Look. Down.

  • White Rose

    Roses are white, the violence is new, and here is the latest hint for you ...

  • Hydrobath

    Are you ready for the birth of the new horror? The Asylum is open.

  • Blue Coat

  • Special Delivery

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  • Kajsa Albihn

  • Ryan Murphy


  • Ryan Murphy

  • Canaan Richardson

  • Ryan Murphy

  • Kris

  • Ryan Murphy

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