It's been a long week and we're done. We need something adorable to ease us out of work mode and into our two days off. This baby squirrel being fed is it.

Drink up, little buddy. It's the weekend.

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  • Bird Feeder Robbery

    That's not squirrel food! That's bird food!

  • Squirrel Whirl

    This guy had to take a dizzying ride to get some food, but he got it in the end.

  • Leaving The Tupperware

    The container is of no consequence. The squirrel just wants the precious treasures inside.

  • Crunchy Nut Bar

    You can't really blame a squirrel for wanting a Crunchy Nut Bar.

  • Very Sneaky

    Stealing dog food, all while the dog is looking the other way, none the wiser.

  • Opening A Jar Of Peanuts

    Squirrels are a lot smarter than people think.

  • Searching Through The Garbage

    But he eventually found the McDonald's bun he was looking for.

  • Wait Til The Coast Is Clear

    Then quietly swoop in, take just one nut and run off into the distance. They'll never know.

  • Vending Machine Theft

    $1.75 for a Baby Ruth? You can't blame the squirrel, that's a rip-off.

  • Perfect Fit

    A feeder perfectly designed for the size and shape of a squirrel.

  • Peanut Theft

    An impressive bit of ingenuity from a squirrel that really wanted that entire can of peanuts.

  • Chocolate Thief

    He probably came back for it later.

  • BBQ Chips

    After some early complications, the squirrel gets the chips.

  • Lunch Box

    That lunch wasn't packed for you!

  • Camping Robbery

    When you go camping, don't leave your food unattended. A squirrel will take it.