You probably know Larry Wilmore as one of the fine correspondents on "The Daily Show," but not all of his wickedly funny political humor can be contained in a three-minute segment with Jon Stewart.

This weekend, Wilmore is bringing his "passionate centrist" point of view center stage in a Showtime special titled "Race, Relgion and Sex" that was recently shot in Salt Lake City, Utah. Part stand-up show, part town-hall meeting, the special is a precursor for a possible series that could take place in different cities.

Wilmore's panel of guests includes comedians Jeff Garlin and Andrea Savage along with people who are tied to the Mormon community there. As you might expect, Mormonism and Utah's glaring lack of black people make up a bulk of the jokes in the promo. In addition to moderating the town hall meeting, Wilmore also conducted man-on-the-street style interviews and segments like the one below.

Watch the trailer above. "Race, Religion And Sex" premieres Saturday, Aug. 25 at 11:00 p.m. on Showtime.

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