The Season 1 finale of "The Newsroom" airs Sunday on HBO, and the show's fans and detractors have lined up on Twitter to express their anticipation.

Aaron Sorkin and HBO's look inside the workings of a broadcast network built a fan base while drawing critical ire. A number of professional TV watchers derided what they saw as weak female leads who were too enamored by protagonist (and anchorman) Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels). Others others found the show's seeming inability to account for contemporary technology a bit trying.

But the fans keep coming. Last week's episode drew nearly 2 million viewers, which is not bad considering there are no vampires in the offices of ACN ("True Blood," on the other hand, nearly cleared 5 million).

Below, take a look at what fans and the show's cast are saying about the finale. The show airs at 10 p.m. on HBO.

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  • Adam Stovall

    The Newsroom ends its first season tonight. I expect a slew of measured responses.

  • Jeff Daniels

    NEWSROOM's Sunday Night Finale: Amidst some masterful storytelling, Sorkin brings all of us home with one simple line: "You do."

  • Alison Pill

    Tonight, the season finale of The Newsroom airs. We go back to the bullpen in the fall to make more dramatics though, so don't worry.

  • Joshua Santos

    I'm going to start re-watching every episode of the #newsroom now. I'm not ready for the season finale tonight! @HBO

  • Megan Wamsley

    Omg I think the Newsroom season finale is tonight! 😭😭😭 No! How am I supposed to live?!

  • abby

    Depressed that today is the newsroom finale.

  • Rich Huntsman

    My prediction for big twist in NEWSROOM finale: Will's stalker is a BIG GLASS DOOR.

  • Ana Gabrielle∞

    #WhatHurtsMeTheMost that the Newsroom has only 10 episodes. And I am waiting for the season finale. :'((

  • Deborah Philbrick

    I'm already pumped for the season finale of true blood and newsroom and it's not even noon yet!

  • Chris Mansell

    The Newsroom, despite a couple of dodgy episodes, has had a solid first season. It ends soon, but then The Walking Dead and...

  • Bratastic

    I can't believe the first season of #Newsroom ends tomorrow night. Iz sadz

  • Jarratt Ong

    @zackwhy k when newsroom ends, you can start on Doctor Who. it resumes this sunday

  • Sullivan Arceneaux

    My days are really empty now that I'm all caught up on the Newsroom. Can't even imagine what I'll do when the season ends.

  • Suzanne Shamblin

    Any show that ends with coldplays song fix you, I'm gonna end up liking. :) #newsroom #gotme

  • Christy C

    Why i wasnt paying attention that this Sunday ends both #newsroom and #trueblood for the season ill never know. *cries*

  • Rosamund Lannin

    @nickhobart I feel like the newsroom goes for heartfelt and ends up schmaltzy...also the characters are more one-dimensional

  • Max Raymond

    Is anyone going to stick with The Newsroom for season two? I'm quite likely to bail after this season ends to be honest.

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