Pretty girls doing idiotic things? Sounds like a viral video to us.

YouTuber Clip Nation figured out the one thing that the Internet's endless supply of FAIL compilations has been missing: scantily clad women. They compiled all of the most cringe-worthy trips, falls and FAILs involving bikinis on the web into one convenient video.

Yeah, you're welcome.

Via The Daily What

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  • X-Factor

    Nice pattern though.

  • Impenetrable To Everything But UV Rays

    It's worth the pain because this kid is gonna have the sweetest default pic on Facebook.

  • Bikini Tan

    Doesn't look too bad on him though.

  • Handprint


  • Smiley Face

    That is actually pretty impressive. He should consider it for his next tattoo.

  • Back Burn

    This is why it's always important to have someone else apply sunblock to your back.

  • Thigh High Stockings

    Guy must've been wearing the same pair of skin-tight short shorts for a month to get a tan line like that.

  • Speedo FAIL

    Not sure what's worse: what he's wearing now, or the booty shorts he normally wears to the beach. Either way, it's clear what each looks like.

  • Alternate Bathing Suit

    We're glad he's gone the more traditional route today.

  • Rubin Vase

    This tan may be nature telling him to stop wearing whatever kind of shirt that is.

  • Belly Smile

    He seems a little too happy about this.

  • Champ Stamp?

    Pain and embarrassment should speak for themselves here.

  • How?

    Is that the shape of a shirt or just poor sunblock application?

  • Patterned Sunburn

    Actually looks kind of cool in a really painful way.

  • Bunny Ears

    That'll be interesting when she starts peeling.

  • Sore Feet

    Can't forget about your feet.

  • Hard To Reach Spot

    It is a really tough part of the back to get to. Never be afraid to ask for some sunblock help.

  • Tan Stripes

    Worn with honor.

  • Sleepy

    Clearly she passed out on the beach. Now she's passed out on the floor. After she buys some aloe, she should see a doctor about narcolepsy.

  • He Sucks

    This is why you don't shotgun 10 beers on the beach with your frat brothers.

  • Artistic Burn

    Further evidence that there are some spots on your back you just can't reach.

  • Nice Hat

    Oh, nevermind.

  • Neck Burn

    Can't forget the neck.

  • Nice Handwriting

    Surprisingly legible.

  • Which Way?

    Just draw two dots and that dangly red thing on the thumb, and he's got a hand turkey.

  • Hand On Your Shoulder

    Just don't leave it there that long.

  • Think There's Something On Your Back

    He must have nice friends.

  • Pretty Big Burn

    Size matters in this case.

  • Peace

    What a peace-loving way to burn half of the skin off your back.