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Welcome to HuffPost Politics' "Spotify the Election" map hub. We're teaming up to unite music and politics in 2012, curating playlists for the moments that make us cringe, chuckle and cast votes for the candidates of our choice.

Here's how our map works. Spotify users: Open your app, and roll over the red (strong / leans Romney), blue (strong / leans Obama) or yellow (tossup) state of your choice. On the far right, depending on where your mouse is in America, you'll have access to one of our three latest "Spotify the Election" playlists.

Once you've found the music that's to your liking, click on the song tracks from either the play buttons next to the map or your Spotify app, and let the music do the rest. Non-Spotify users, what are you waiting for? Get set up here for free.

Looking for the news behind the music? Click on any state to find the story that put us in the mood to sing. To view all of our "Spotify the Election" playlists, click here.

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  Obama Romney
Obama Romney
332 206
Obama leading
Obama won
Romney leading
Romney won
Popular Vote
33 out of 100 seats are up for election. 51 are needed for a majority.
Democrat leading
Democrat won
Republican leading
Republican won
Democrats* Republicans
Current Senate 53 47
Seats gained or lost +2 -2
New Total 55 45
* Includes two independent senators expected to caucus with the Democrats: Angus King (Maine) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.).
All 435 seats are up for election. 218 are needed for a majority.
Democrat leading
Democrat won
Republican leading
Republican won
Democrats Republicans
Seats won 201 234
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