The nuns are all the rage in this new "American Horror Story: Asylum" teaser.

Similar to the "Red Rave" video, the "White Rave" features a group of very handsy people jumping up and down while passing a nun across the crowd. The "Red Rave" featured a bucket of ... something being passed around. The latest video comes with the caption: "In The Asylum, It's A Different Kind Of Party."

According to the new key art posters, "American Horror Story: Asylum" premieres Wed., Oct. 17. FX could not be reached for comment to confirm the date and time of the premiere.

Watch the latest teaser below and for more, click through the slideshow.

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  • Glass Prison

    Once you've committed ... There's no way out.

  • Ascend

    Whatever you do ... Don't. Look. Down.

  • White Rose

    Roses are white, the violence is new, and here is the latest hint for you ...

  • Hydrobath

    Are you ready for the birth of the new horror? The Asylum is open.

  • Blue Coat

  • Special Delivery

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