You might think hipsters don't get married because it's too mainstream. But guess what? They do.

And while their weddings are often very pretty, we couldn't help but notice that there are some elements that we see over and over again. Click through the slideshow below to take a walk through our (ironic) look at a day in the life of a hipster bride.

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  • Wake up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

  • Loosely curl the ends of your hair -- but not so much that it looks like you used a curling iron.

  • Ogle your vintage, but non-diamond, engagement ring.

  • Put on your flowy, vintage dress.

  • Put on woven headband.

  • Head to Prospect Park...

  • a vintage Rolls Royce...

  • ...with your mismatched dress-wearing bridesmaids.

  • Marry a guy wearing rolled up pants and Top Siders.

  • Eat from a food truck.

  • Cut the vegan cake.

  • Then dance to songs that no one has ever heard of -- all from the music blog du jour...

  • ...under a DIY burlap banner.

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