Ronald Reagan, the late 40th president and current-day GOP hero, will be the focus of "Reykjavik," an upcoming film from British director Mike Newell. The movie will focus on Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev's 1986 meetings in an Icelandic spa, where the two leaders set about ending the Cold War.

And who's reportedly in talks to play the Pres? None other than Michael Douglas, who most recently starred in "Haywire" and "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps."

The actor has played Commander-in-Chief before, starring alongside Annette Benning and Martin Sheen (a president in his own right as well) in 1995's "The American President."

Douglas has an impressive slate of projects lined up, including a turn as Liberace in the Steven Soderbergh-directed biopic on the eccentric musician. Matt Damon will join Douglas, playing his young lover. Damon has joked that he was OK with kissing Douglas because "by the transitive property," he would be locking lips with [Douglas' wife] Catherine [Zeta-Jones].

Ridley Scott has signed on as a producer. "Reykjavik" is financed by Participant Media ("An Inconvenient Truth") and will start shooting in March. The film is currently searching for its Gorbachev, which sounds like a great band name (#SearchingForGorbachev).

For more, head over to THR. But first, a quick poll: Can you see any resemblance? (Vote after the photos.)

michael douglas ronald reagan

michael douglas

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