08/29/2012 11:45 am ET

'Seinfeld': Kristin Bauer, Anna Gunn And More As Jerry's Girlfriends Before They Were Famous

Did you know before she was kicking butt and being oh-so fashionable on "True Blood," Kristin Bauer was on "Seinfeld"? Not only was she one of Jerry's girlfriends on the series, but Bauer played perhaps the most infamous one: Gillian, better known as "man hands."

Many of today's leading ladies cut their teeth playing Jerry's girlfriends on "Seinfeld." Long before she was Mrs. Walter White, George thought he saw Anna Gunn's character kissing Jerry's cousin. Before she went toe-to-toe with Superman and moved to Wisteria Lane, Teri Hatcher was one of Jerry's many ladies.

Below, see some of Jerry Seinfeld's fictional girlfriends before they hit it big.

Jerry's Famous Girlfriends